Come visit us at Vision Expo West, booth F10051 | September 28-30, 2023
Come visit us at Vision Expo West, booth F10051
September 28-30, 2023

The flō Platform.
Infinite Possibilities.

Our platform provides a variety of lens coatings by leveraging cutting-edge Additive Manufacturing capabilities and state-of-the-art technology. Unleash your design dreams with an ever-evolving solution that makes any coating possible. Regardless of your specifications as an ophthalmic lab, flō can help you fulfill your needs and achieve your vision with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

Benefits to Transform Your Lab

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Enhanced Flexibility
flō’s platform equips ophthalmic labs with one holistic system that enables them to easily introduce a variety of coating solutions. Our vision is to provide a flexible, ever-evolving, unified platform so that you can just flō it.
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Reduced Costs
flo`s automated platform reduces costs by minimizing the need of highly skilled labor, large inventories, and complex equipment. This allows our customers to be more competitive with their coating costs, providing market advantage.
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Simplified Operations
Easily create a variety of coatings without the need to maintain complex operations & reduce dependency on other suppliers. Scaling your business with flō is quick and efficient even when capacity peaks.
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On Demand
Say goodbye to inventory of pre-coated lenses with flō’s digital on-demand production capabilities. A solution that truly enables coating production on the fly with very little setup time.
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Mass Customization
Add abundant patterns, endless color schemes and even graphic designs on any given lens with the power of this unique solution. The possibilities are limitless.
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Consistent Quality
flō`s digital approach enables a more accurate coating process with repeatable & predictable outcomes.Human errors are eliminated, allowing for high quality coatings to be consistently generated.
Sustainable Manufacturing
flō`s materials are packaged in sealed cartridges, allowing a more environment-friendly solution for usage by personnel operating the system. Furthermore, minimal water consumption significantly increases the sustainability of the manufacturing process.
Improved Performance
Controlling the coating on a pixel level allows for improved performance of the coating stack on the lens. Think tinting solutions today with limited color selections versus endless color possibilities via digital printing.

Reduced Costs

flō’s Platform reduces significant CAPEX and OPEX savings due to reduced inventory costs and equipment otherwise needed in-house. Our solution allows our customers to be ever more competitive in their coating costs, a significant advantage in this market.

Enhanced Flexibility

flō’s digital on-demand production capabilities enable our customers to produce coatings when needed, eliminating the need for high fixed costs and labor. As importantly, pre-coated lens don’t need to be held in inventory (for instance photochromic), reducing inventory space and costs significantly.

Mass Customization

flō’s advanced digital printing technology empowers our customers to take control of their production processes and create lenses that perfectly fit their desired needs – all while saving time, money, and effort. Digital printing technology allows customers to print desired coatings per lens – from gradients, texturing, and graphic images to any other unique design desired.

Full Solution

flō will always aspire to provide its customers with a sweep of coating solutions on one given platform. Any new development in coating materials will be compatible with platforms installed already in the field. This provides our customers with further solutions over time without the need to purchase new equipment.

Limitless Possibilities

flō gives ophthalmic labs the ability to push boundaries and reach new heights with digital printing. Our unique capabilities tackle any coating, gradient, or graphic desired in every lens coating desired – giving labs an unparalleled edge in innovation.

Simplified logistics

flō’s understands that it can be difficult for ophthalmic labs to keep up with an inventory of coated lenses, especially photochromic coatings. Flō allows its customers to generate various types of coatings on blank lenses – keeping our customers’ business agile in an ever-changing landscape.

Join us in the digital revolution of ophthalmic production and experience the true potential of additive manufacturing for ophthalmic coatings.

Unlock a world of possibilities, reduce costs, and increase production efficiency.

Welcome to the future of ophthalmic coatings – welcome to flō.